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Flexmaster (Translifter)

Flexmaster – the flexible cassette mover
Flexmaster, as one of our top products, is an ideal solution for easy transportation of cassettes. We develop our machines in accordance to our customers’ requests, so you don’t need to worry whether this machine will fit your needs.
Its features make sure that the speed of loading and unloading is increased throughout the process, and that it is easily operable in a limited space. In particular, its narrow body, together with independent steering on each bogie, enable better steering performance and hence easier positioning under the cassette.

• Some of the standard equipment Flexmaster comes with is: hydraulic system with proportional valves, disc brake system on all wheels, standard LED light system, emergency steering system, emergency lowering/hydraulic pressure relief switch, display for service of the trailer, and central lubrication system.
• Some of the optional systems, that can be included upon request, include: camera system with a monitor, pneumatic tyres, cassette lock system, expandable side guides for transport of standard and SECU size cassettes, different solutions for covering of the cassettes, sensors to ensure correct placement of a trailer under cassettes, etc.

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