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Novatech custom-made Roll Trailers for Volvo


Customer (Volvo Car Group Sweden) visited our fact

Visit of our customer, Volvo Car Group Sweden, in our factory 

Customer-tailored transport solutions require special attention at every stage from sales through design and finally manufacturing. This is the standard which is always preserved in our company.

14th December 2017, representatives from our customer, Volvo Car Group Sweden, visited our factory. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) prior to delivery of two customer-tailored Roll Trailers.
These trailers are tailored specifically to customer’s needs. They will be used for transport of stamping tool matrices in Volvo factory. The loading capacity of each Roll Trailer is up to 64 tonnes.
The Volvo delegation were content with the quality of the Roll Trailers, the procedures and specifications presented. All requirements were met.
During the tests the trailer was subjected to a 78 tonnes load test, as well as other products characteristics were examined and approved.
According to Volvo engineer’s estimation, the Roll Trailers will be used to cover the distance of 10 km – every day. They will be loaded with up to 54 tonnes, and durability and reliability are highly valued parameters. Furthermore, the design provides the ability for easy service and maintenance.
Needless to say, they will be working at full speed.
Volvo decided to work with Novatech on this project due to the fact that Novatech immediately took care of customer’s specific needs e.g. visit customer’s facility in Sweden in order to fully understand the purpose and requirements to take into considerations during design. The Novatech responsiveness relations with the sales organisation throughout all phases of the project has been overwhelming according to Volvo representative, Denis Pekic. All documentation is in place and approved throughout the project.

What went from initial personal contact, where all the parties were discussing details of the product and order, was important in the decision making process.

It is a pleasure knowing that our products in future will operate at Volvo Car factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. The purchase of those Roll Trailers is a part of modernisation project, which the Volvo factory currently undergoes.

Due to the highest standards and best quality, as well as flexibility in order to meet the customers’ needs, Novatech products are chosen by customers around the globe. Our transport equipment is working in factories and ports on every continent, enabling efficient transport worldwide.